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July 2009: Adventurous mission in Pakistan

The project: The first private industrial gold and silver refinery in Pakistan. Our task: The commissioning of an electroplating line, two recycling systems IAO BR 200 for gold and silver, a waste water treatment system, silver electrolysis and a melting and granulation system. In addition, we were also responsible for training the personnel. This was all made at temperatures up to 45°C!

Pakistan is currently enjoying economic growth. International companies are establishing themselves in new industrial areas. This also includes Siemens, Bosch and many other German companies. The country suffers from 700 El Kaida bomb attacks per year and the population is on edge. The gap between the poor and the rich is becoming larger and no change is in sight. In order to interest companies to set up business in Pakistan, the companies often receive from 5 to 20 years tax exemption.

Despite everything: Our security was well taken care of. Former soldiers guarded our company premises round the clock.
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