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May 2009, Ruanda

Training for and commissioning of an IAO2020 recycling system for gold and silver.

In Europe, Ruanda is best known for the terrible massacres which took place there. That's a pity, as the country is indeed very beautiful. (Picture of the city from the balcony) Approx. 900,000 people live in the capital city of Kigali and the population of Ruanda is roughly 8.9 million.
The people are friendly and courteous, despite a low per capita income of $268.  More than 60% live below the poverty line. Yet it is a phenomena that Kigali is extremely clean. Once per month on a Saturday each Ruandan citizen ? including the Prime Minister Makuza and the President Dr.h.c. Kagame ? is obliged to clean the streets of rubbish in the area assigned to him. The import of plastic bags or plastic packaging is forbidden. If a suitcase has been wrapped in plastic foil, entry into the country is only allowed after the plastic has been removed by the customs authorities.
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