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Here we tell about our projects. Pick one to get more informations.
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March 2010: recertification according
The 4 Dentis GmbH has concluded its recertification according to the new guidelines of the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard.
February 2010: First "Tumbler" in (Goldstadt) Pforzheim
February 2010: Reorganisation of a metal refinery plant
January 2010: Vicenza Oro1 2010
November 2009: 100 kg fine gold = Euro 2.7 m per day
July 2009: Adventurous mission in Pakistan
The project: The first private industrial gold and silver refinery in Pakistan. Our task: The commissioning of an electroplating line...
June 2009, Germany
Training for and commissioning of a pilot system IAO/BR 25...
May 2009, South Africa
Training for and commissioning of an IAP 5050PT recycling system...
May 2009, Ruanda
Training for and commissioning of an IAO2020 recycling system for gold and silver. In Europe, Ruanda is best known for the terrible massacres which took place there...
April 2009, Algeria
Training for and commissioning of recycling system IAP 5050PT for Au, Ag, Pd and Pt. Very strict controls for persons, cars and luggage throughout the country...
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