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compact waste water treatment system WT

>   Compact system for treatment of waste water from precious metal separation
>   500/2000 l treatment tank with agitator, level control and pump, automatic pH controlsystem
>   Electro-pneumatic chamber filter press
All components of the filter press comply with the highest quality standards. End pieces and longitudinal elements are clad in stainless steel or a different appropriate metal (depending on which chemicals are involved).

Filter cloths, material, form and size of the filter elements are of critical importance. The selection and design of these components is the end product of our extensive experience over many years.
      WT 500 WT 2000
  powersupply   threephase threephase
  power   1 kw 3 kw
  qplate dimensions (mm)   320x320 400x400
  number of plates   15 25
  dimensions (mm)   4000x1200x1700 4500x1400x1700
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